Gag Orders Mr. President – Really?

Dateline: Washington, DC.  “President Trump has banned employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from giving social media updates and speaking with reporters, according to The Associated Press.

The EPA ban comes amid other reports of agency staff being restricted from interacting the members of the Congress or the general public.

BuzzFeed reported Tuesday that the Department of Agriculture instituted a similar ban, telling its employees not to distribute information about research papers or to post on Twitter under the agency’s name. A Tuesday report in the Huffington Post said agency employees under the Department of Health and Human Services were told not to speak to public officials.” (, 1.24.17)

And this comes at the direction of one of the world’s greatest users of social media.  POTUS has begun what many of us had long expected, for the new White House administration to operate Federal Agencies under varying degrees of ‘gag orders.’  It is incredulous that this is happening in our democracy!  What do you say Republicans in Congress?  I say kick the traitor out!

This is an overt attempt to suppress the free exchange of ideas and the truth so that the “Bannon House” (the former White House) can forcefully implement harmful policies and regulation rollbacks using their ‘alternative facts’ methods of analysis and truth pandering.

The Donald has been President less than a week and he is already trying to ‘Muzzle the Truth’ in America.

I have to hope that the still ‘Free Press’ in this country will start giving less time and attention to the lying mouthpieces of this administration and devote more resources to keeping in touch with the ‘free speech suppressed’ loyal-to-our-country government employees and their inside knowledge of the deeds of these evil people.  This kind of investigative reporting is needed to expose every alt-right move Steve Bannon, POTUS, and the other ‘cesspool-swampy’ enemies of freedom make.

Over and out America.



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