Yack Yack Kellyanne

So who is this woman who has become the household face of the ‘Big’ Man’ in the White House, a regular on the Sunday morning news talk shows and apologist extraordinaire for all of the misunderstood ‘alternative fact’ pronouncements that come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Easy answer, Yack Yack is a Counselor to the President of the United States and likely being paid a six figure income by the American people, and for what?

While I’m sure that she does give Counsel to POTUS, oh that pour soul of a man probably also needs a spiritual advisor, she seems to be the sheriff’s quick draw right hand deputy ready at a moments notice to ‘spin the facts’, to ‘double-down on the double down,’ to ‘clarify the tweet,’ or to say that the President has put together a team of high IQers around him.

When her mouth opens and she begins to yack yack I can’t help but hear the preverbal mother- in-law running her month in the living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook of some poor boy who dared married her daughter.  It’s a sad state of American politics when the people have to be paying enormous sums of their hard earned money to get a translation for what the President says or tweets.

Thank God our schools don’t run this way.  We take the teacher at his or her word.

Over and out America.



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