Staging at the CIA

‘Come on man’, you can do better than you did in staging that public appearance / photo op at the CIA on January 21, 2017.  Why just drop in on the CIA on a Saturday?  It’s not like you are all that chummy yet.  And what was up with that campaign stump speech in front of the CIA Memorial Wall (The Wall of Stars).  Didn’t you know where you were?

Press reports have it that you and Steve brought a large band of your supporters to take up the front row of seats and cheer like a wild band of banshees at every word you uttered.  Was that why it was that we only saw your squiggled lipped face and a few rows of heads sitting in front of you?  What were you trying to hide from the cameras?

On Monday ‘Angry Boy’ Sean was beside himself with joy as he kept referring to all the applause, cheers, and shouts you were receiving.  He admitted that the cameras did not show the crowd which was reported to be 400 people, but Sean kept repeating to the reporters “the audio alone tells — tell — you know, speaks volumes to what had happened.”

Come on POTUS you were the one during the campaign crying that press cameras never showed how large the crowds were at your rallies, and now you as President make your first official visit to a Federal agency and you, Steve, Sean and Kellyanne can’t get the cameras show the 400 adoring CIA employees wildly cheering for you.  Whats up with that?

Who staged this event for you?

Maybe next time you drop in at the CIA you can use the live feed from the overhead security cameras.

Over and out America.



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