What is a Lie?

Let’s be clear here, we are talking about a ‘Big Man’, a man who thinks that is is really big, and we know that he is capable of telling really big lies.  But what are his lies like anyhow.  Well, he and all those who yes sir and no sir around him, have a massive arsenal of different ways of stretching the truth.

This past weekend we saw ‘Angry Boy’ Spicer tell a bold faced lie about how many people saw the new POTUS’s inauguration.  No problem, let the bull-crap run.  Kellyanne, fearful that their faithful might be swayed by the outcries of the press on this one rotted herself onto the Sunday AM New programs and proclaimed that Sean was using ‘alternative facts,’ and that of course he should be believed.  Now the bull-crap was beginning to smell.

I assure you one and all that I will be up nights until POTUS gets tired of his current TV Show and tenders his resignation, but until then I’ll be on guard for distortions of the facts, fuzzy number pronouncements, “I know what I am talking” about lies, “I’m really smart” lies, “I have the facts – believe me” lies, half-truths, errors of omission, more unannounced Saturday AM staged visits to the CIA with a packed audience, more of his photo ops galore to let his faithful think that everyone in Washington adores him, and doubling down bravado to win every argument.

Over and out America.



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