Ringmaster of the Lie

Definition: A person of extreme bombastness, arrogance, and insecurity who leads by example and directs others in telling boldfaced lies.  One of the more important skills of a demagogue.

Example:  Donald Trump, The Ringmaster of the Lie, pulled his inner circle together and gave them marching orders for the first week of his administration.  He told them: “I will drop a really big lie on Monday.  Sean, you go out right after me and add some exaggeration to it.  Kellyanne, I want you to hit all the media outlets and double down for Sean and I.  Reince, at 4 PM I want you to drop another one and make it bigger than mine, make it something on bringing jobs back from India.  Steve, your call on your lie, you’re masterful at them.  Don’t worry though I’ve got your back.  Ivanka, tell that hubby of yours to make up something about how the Palestinians are really excited to hear that I am going to move our Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

OK team, remember that any lie can become a truth if repeated often enough.  If you’re having trouble with the dirty lying press, call on Kellyanne, she’s masterful with the ‘alternative facts’ bullshit.  Now go get em’ and remember to grin when you speak.  Sean, you can forget the grin.  Just look pissed off as you always do.”

Over and out America.



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